The attorney I worked with was ethical, honest, and always took the high road.

Gloria Goad had never needed legal help in the past and certainly never expected to be involved in litigation. A civil engineer, unexpected events turned her life upside down.

As she tried to deal with the issues on her own, the legal issues only increased her stress. She had never hired an attorney, but knew it was necessary and based on the firm’s reputation, she contacted Ritchie, Dillard, Davies & Johnson, PC. When she met members of the firm, she knew immediately who she wanted to hire. “(The Firm) didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear; (but that) this would be a process that would take some time.” The Firm helped her address many aspects that ultimately led to a successful outcome, some of which she never would have been aware of or had even considered. The Firm “really helped me.”

Gloria said that the attorney with whom she primarily worked “was ethical, honest, and always took the high road; he had my best interests at heart 100 percent of the time. Anytime I had a problem or question I could call, e-mail, and I would get a quick response. If there was going to be a delay in getting back to me someone would call to tell me why.”

Gloria was very pleased with the results obtained for her and says she feels blessed to have hired the Firm.

- Gloria Goad