The office’s environment makes a statement.

The facts were clear: a driver crossed the road on a curve and plowed head-on into Ryan Dobbs’ car. Twice deployed to Iraq as a member of the U. S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, Ryan sustained greater injuries from a careless driver than he’d experienced in a war zone: a broken collarbone; fractured jaw; bruised sternum; damage to his neck muscles and lacerations to his head.

Complicating matters further was that when the crash occurred Ryan and his wife had a four-month old baby girl. Rather than helping his wife with the new baby, Ryan had to be assisted himself.

“Being somewhat naïve in the insurance world I called the other driver’s insurance company and thought it was going to be a smooth process,” Ryan says. “It was obvious in the police report that the other driver crossed the center-lane and hit me head-on.

“I got immediate resistance from the other person’s insurance company,” he says. “They began talking in circles, twisting facts, and so I stepped on the brakes in terms of speaking with them. I knew I was out of my league, so I immediately sought legal help.”

A partner in the architectural firm for which Ryan works recommended Ritchie, Dillard, Davies & Johnson.

“I explained my situation and asked if (they) would take the case,” Ryan says. From the start it was obvious the attorney he worked with was “a high-caliber attorney. He’s easygoing and at the same time instills a lot of confidence in you. “

The Ritchie, Dillard, Davies & Johnson office’s environment makes a statement as well, Ryan says.

“It’s a top-flight office; professional, highly organized, but not intimidating. Most people aren’t used to working in that world and don’t have an accurate grasp of legal terms and the legal process, but they help you through it.”

Ryan’s case was settled before going to trial.

“I needed legal help and I went to a firm that exceeded any expectation I had,” he says, “I can’t say enough good things about Ritchie, Dillard, Davies & Johnson.”

- Ryan Dobbs