What struck me about RDDJ is that, as a client, they put you on a pedestal.

Faced with life-changing circumstances, the McKameys realized they needed legal help. They turned to Ritchie, Dillard, Davies and Johnson because of the Firm’s reputation.

The work of Ritchie, Dillard, Davies & Johnson has made a great difference, for the better, in their lives, they said.

“What struck me about the firm is that, as a client, they put you on a pedestal,” James says. “They want you to be comfortable and to know that you are their priority.

The attorney who worked with them “was diligent and thorough. . . He doesn’t just take a case: He evaluates your case, decides what is needed, and gives you great legal service. . . . Anytime we needed him or his terrific assistant, they responded. Again, you’re their priority.”

RDDJ was able to successfully resolve the McKamey’s case.

“They were all about character, and all about truth,” James says. “They did for us what we needed, which was life-changing in a good way.”

- James and Sherri McKamey